What we do

We provide strategic guidance to you - the executive or a business  professional.

  • Career Management 
  • Vocational Counseling 
  • Strategic Coaching 
  • Personal Marketing

We help you expand your network; and develop it as an extended community that can help you now - and over time - as part of a considered, strategic and evolving career plan.

How we do it

We develop a Marketing Plan.

  • Discovery-Branding-Packaging of you 
  • Marketing Materials 
  • Techniques and Tactics 
  • Strategy 
  • Networking 
  • Focused Targeting

We help you expand your network; and develop it as an extended community that can help you now - and over time - as part of a considered, strategic and evolving career plan.

The Results you can expect

Exposure to our Proven Methodology

  • Job Security
  • Advancement
  • Success
  • Inspiration
  • Confidence
  • Better Network
  • More efficient job search
  • Long-term Career Plan
  • Greater Job Fulfillment
  • Higher Aspirations! 

We see opportunities - including the ability to create value through networks, informal affiliations, "virtual" companies, new ventures and strategic alliances.

We can do this better together than you can do on your own.

Every great athlete needs a great coach. 


We meet your short-term needs:

  • We help you find the right job and get it done faster and more easily than you would on your own.
  • We fit our process to your needs. You determine the pace.
  • We provide time-proven methodologies to accelerate your career search.
  • We guide and advise, providing you with what you need to know.
  • You can spend weeks in "search" and "research" -- why not instead get strategic advice that cuts through the clutter?

We meet your long-term needs:

We help you create a personal career plan that is flexible and designed to evolve over time. And we assist you in living the plan. This includes:

  • Being a personal advocate for customized career counseling the rest of your career;
  • Building a network that allows us to introduce you to others with overlapping spheres of influence, to help build and maintain a superior "informal" resource of business professionals.


We help you develop:

A Customized Career Marketing Campaign Customized Introduction and Presentation Materials Interviewing and Presentation Skills Skills for building successful business relationships that optimize long-term network opportunities

We also provide:

  • Recommendations, referrals and strategies for potential sources of residual Income.
  • Access to further skill development through our library of career management tools.
  • No Risk Fee Structure.

How we work?

What Every Job Seeker Should Know

Published sources for jobs -- newspapers, fliers, or the Internet -- represent 10 percent or less of the jobs that are available on any given day. We call this the  "passive" job market, and it shouldn't represent more than 25 percent of your job-seeking effort.

You enter the "active" job market by seeking out the companies and work groups that you want to join, and then research and network to learn more. You identify  
a number of "target" companies and opportunities.

You identify company needs, symptoms and problems, and develop appropriate contacts to talk about how you can meet, fill and address those issues.

These conversations result in the creation of new opportunities, both for the "target" company and for you.

Your Campaign Begins With Understanding

We help you discern:

where your strengths are, what you love to do, the value of the qualities you offer; and the value of your skills and strengths.

We teach you how to present yourself:

  • What value you bring - Your Value Proposition
  • What you're looking for - Your Objective
  • What you've achieved - Your Stories and
  • What you present in writing (portfolio, resume)

We teach you how to research:

  • Details about your "Target" companies;
  • How to infer needs and opportunities;
  • How to identify key people to contact; and
  • How to use Internet and networking sources.

We help you define:

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